Fleurs de Fete at Carillon Historical Park – Photo Gallery

Sunday, May 19

Dayton History is proud to welcome the original “Party in the Park” back to its first home – Carillon Historical Park. Fleurs de Fête was first conceived by two friends, Vail Miller Sr. of Heidelberg Distributing and Mike Frank of Arrow Wine back in 1992. Vail Sr. and Mike wanted to bring wine out of the cellars and to the general public with an outdoor spring gathering. Their novel idea turned into Dayton’s premier wine and food festival, Fleurs de Fête and Carvers is proud to be a part of this special event in the past and again this year.

Bring your friends and family and join the Carvers
team for some great food and wine served on the
lawn at the Carillon Historical park on Sunday, May 19.

Stop by our booth for a free appetizer or dessert
on your next Carvers visit.




Take a look at some of the folks that visited our booth and tasted our great selection.




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