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Friday, Mar 13

Coronavirus Specials

Carvers restaurant is now open for limited in-restaurant and patio seating. Refer to the home page for new hours and call for reservations. Dine in confidence as the restaurant and staff are in compliance with Coronavirus guidelines recommended by Federal, State, Local, CDC and National Restaurant Association. We thank you for your patients in this health crisis, your loyalty and continued patronage. We will continue to offer several special dining options for our loyal guests to experience Carvers popular food and beverage.

Enjoy Carvers menu from the comfort of your home through take-out services and will be open for carry out our regular restaurant hours from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm seven days a week Monday through Sunday

1. Call our pickup and carry out hot line 937-433-7099
2. Add your favorite wine and/or beer at grocery store prices right from your car

3. You can pre-pay with credit card on order or when you pick-up with no contact curb-side service

4. When you arrive stay in your car if you choose
Call the carry out line again

6. We will do the rest in a fast and safe exchange at you car or on the patio


Click on the link below to download our take-out menu and give us a call.


Dine-in and Carry Out Menu 07-03-2020




Carvers Steaks at Grocery Store Prices!

In order to meet the growing demand for meat products we are now offering our entire menu of steaks & chops at retail prices for our guests to grill at home. Call and place an order and the chef will cut and package your order for curb side pick up. 937-433-7099. 1pm-8pm.








We are now offering our entire menu of steaks & chops at retail prices for our guests to grill at home. Call and place an order and the chef will cut and package your order for curb side pick up. 937-433-7099. 5pm-8pm.

Carvers Grill Packs
Our Steaks are hand cut daily by our Chef Dan Gallagher.
Each pack is butchered to order *uncooked*comes with  Our house steak seasoning,

Carvers Strip
11oz New York Strip $15
14oz New York Strip $19

Carvers Ribeye
14oz Ribeye $18

Carvers Filet
8oz Filet Mignon $16
11oz Filet Mignon $22

Ground Steak
1lb Pack $9


Prime Rib Three Course Dinner Weekend
$30 Dollars per Person
Best Prime Rib in Dayton slow roasted for 24 hours to perfection
(Limited availability – reserve now for Friday, Saturday and Sunday



First Course
Choice of Clam Chowder, Classic Caesar salad or Romaine salad 

Entree Course
  Prime Rib
With your choice of  Au gratin potatoes, Baked potato, Roasted garlic mashed potatoes  or Fresh vegetable of the day

Dessert Course
StrawberryChocolate Mousse
Melted chocolate, strawberry liqueur and cream folded until fluffy and thick.

Pair a bottle of wine with dinner!
Red Wines
    Stratton Lummis The Riddler Red Blend       $24.99
   Alexander Valley Vineyards Merlot                   $14.99
    Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon                      $12.99
   Row Eleven Pinot Noir                                            $17.99
   Con Creek Cabernet                                                 $17.99

Whites Wines
    Three Thieves Pinot Grigio                                 $9.99
    Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc                           $14.99
   Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Chardonnay   $14.99
    Not valid with any special offers no discounts 








Don’t forget gift cards for the Carvers dining experience when
the Coronavirus passes and life gets back to “Normal”


Thursday, Jan 31

Carvers Guest Portfolio

Welcome to Carvers guest portfolio containing some photos of folks that have given us permission to share there special occasion or dining experience at Carvers. If you are a regular guest at Carvers, we thank you for your patronage and if you have never been to Carvers, we invite you to join us for a unique dining experience. At Carvers you may come the first time as a guest but you will always leave as a valued member of the family.

Carvers In-market and In-restaurant Promotions

In – Restaurant promotions – Carvers Special Occasion Cards
These promotions were created to recognize guests that are in the restaurant to celebrate a special personal, family or other occasion. Be sure to tell your hostess or waiter about your special occasion so that they can provide you with a card and a special gift valued up to $10 from the Carvers staff.

Birthday Card                                                             Anniversary Card

Engagement Card                                                     First Time Guest Card

New Baby Celebration Card                                 Special Family Occasion Card

Special Personal Occasion Card                         Military Discount Card

Click here to order a surprise gift for your special event through one of Carvers Special Gift Partners

In – Marketplace Promotions – Carvers Special Guest Flyers
These special programs were created to recognize and encourage guests to visit Carvers for special personal, family or other occasions. They are implemented throughout the Dayton area by the organizations and venues that are gathering places for potential Carvers guests. Ask the people that are in charge for one of Carvers promotional certificates or look for them on display in the venue or in our restaurant or lounge.

Independent Living Senior Center Program
Inquire about the Carvers Senior Promotion from your activity or events coordinator and gather a bunch of your friends for a visit to Carvers on Sunday evening for a Small Appetite menu and fellowship. Groups of 10 can reserve the Board room for games.

Traveler Hotel Referral Program
Inquire about the Carvers Traveler Promotion at the front desk of your area hotel. They will provide you with a certificate to visit Carvers and receive a free gift. Bring your traveling companion or business associates and enjoy one of the “Best Steaks in Town’ along with your favorite beer or wine and personal service. Experience a taste of Dayton at Carvers.

Active Duty and Veteran’s Program
Inquire about the Carvers Service Recognition Program at the base from the Family Services department. Gather some fellow active duty or veterans and join us in celebrating your service with great food, a cold beer or a glass of your favorite wine in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Welcome to the Community – New Home Program
Inquire about the Carvers New Home Promotion from you local realtor and join us for a great diner and a free gift to celebrate this new chapter in your life.

Senior Prom Season Program
Inquire about the Carvers Senior Prom Promotion from your school office or student even coordinator and bring your date and friends for an unforgettable evening of special menu entrees and non-alcoholic drinks.

Graduation Season Program
Inquire about the Carvers Graduation Promotion from your school office or student event coordinator and bring your friends and family to Carvers to celebrate this special life occasion with great food, warm atmosphere and personal service.