Cline Wine Dinner – June 22

Thursday, Jun 22

Come joint the Carvers team, Chef Drew Ballard and wine sommelier Joshua Dotson for an exciting evening of great food, fine wine and fellowship on Thursday, June 22 at 6pm.


Cline Family Cellars Wine Dinner
Thursday June 22nd at 6pm
Presented by Joshua Dotson
Pairings prepared by
Chef Drew Ballard

First Course
2021 Cline Chardonnay
Peach Bruschetta
Whipped goat cheese base with fresh basil, peaches, & balsamic drizzle over crostini.

Second Course
2022 Cline Viognier
Crab Cakes w/ Mango Chutney
Lump crab cakes topped with fresh mango & line chutney, White blossoms & cilantro.

Third Course
2021 Cline Fog Swept Pinot Noir
Veal Marsala
Lightly fried veal cutlets in a creamy sauce filled w/ shallots, mushrooms, & garlic.

Fourth Course
2021 Cline Rock Carved Cabernet Sauvignon
Filet Mignon and Greens
Garlic & black pepper marinated filet of beef on a bed of arugula

2021 Cline Eight Spur Zinfandel
Vanilla Pecan Fudge
Intensely rich square of vanilla pecan fudge accompanied by cinnamon berries & cream.

Reservations are Required $70 per Person
plus, tax and gratuity.

 50% of each dinner will be charged if reservation is canceled with less than 72 hours’ notice.

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