Steaks and Chops from $26.00

  • New York Strip Standard cut 11oz Carvers cut 14oz
  • Filet Mignon Standard cut 8oz Carvers cut 11oz
  • Whiskey Peppercorn New York 11oz
  • Mushroom and Blue Cheese 6oz Stuffed Filet
  • Maple Cider 12oz Pork Chops
  • Angus Beef Porterhouse 1  1/2lb Steak
  • New Zealand Lamb Chops –
  • Six Chop Roasted Rack of Lamb
  • Tournedos Oscar Two 4oz Filet Medallions
  • Angus Beef Kansas City 18oz Strip
  • Well Marbled 14oz Rib-Eye
  • Texas Chile 14oz Rib-Eye

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