Carvers Popular Appetizer Gallery

A perfect beginning to a perfect meal is one of Carvers popular appetizers big enough to share. For the hardy appetite, one of these made fresh daily appetizers is just the thing to prepare your pallet for a great Carvers steak, chops or ribs. Pair an appetizer with your favorite wine, beer or cocktail and start the evening off right.


Shrimp Stuffed Portobella Mushroom







Classic Shrimp Cocktail




Maryland Lump Crab Cake

 “Many times my friends and I will stop into the Carvers lounge after work or later in the evening for a quick snack on their delicious appetizers or their $5 Social Hour menu – the best deal in town! We have a beer and combine a huge shrimp cocktail and a Caesar salad for a smaller portion meal or the crab cakes with a glass of wine. It is one of our favorite places to get together. ” Allen from Xenia


Seared Ahi Tuna





Calamari Fritti

Sweet Potato Fries




Norwegian Salmon

Cajun Lamb Chops

Grilled Denmark Brie