Carvers Lounge Entertainment Acts

Carvers Lounge Entertainment Acts
Carvers consistently features some of the best and most favorite entertainment acts in the Dayton area. Take a look at the regular entertainment acts below and check the schedule for their appearance dates. If you know of an act that Carvers should know about, just provide the information to the bar tender or your waitress and we will contact them for an audition. Come join the fun and listen to your favorite types of music.

Marvin Smith and “Boardwalk”
The band consist of Dayton Music Icon Marvin Smith on vocals, Jeff Black keyboards, Bill Ely bass & Reb Bilinski drums-band manager. Marvin has been a staple at Carvers Steaks & Chops since 1999. In addition, Marvin has been the featured entertainer at Dayton’s top nightclubs such as The Cascades, Diamond Club, Colony Club and L’Auberge. Marvin’s specialty tunes range from Frank Sinatra to Barry White and everything in between, while being the perfect host for fast paced entertainment and dance favorites.
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Shawn Stanley Trio
I was born January of 1964 in Xenia Ohio. I grew up in Xenia as the youngest of 5 boys. I always felt like I had music in me from a very young age. Being a huge Elvis fan, I remember doing Elvis impersonations for my family when I was 9. At age 12, I was into the group KISS and particularly the sound of the bass. I remember telling my father that I really wanted to get a bass guitar. When I was 13, he came home from work one day and set a bass guitar in my lap! It was a semi hollow body 1968 Harmony H-22. Of all the basses I bought and sold over the years, countless vintage Fender basses and many other brands, I have never, nor will I ever parted with that ’68 Harmony Bass. I still play it! [check it out in my photo section] He got me the amp too. It was a Harmony H-530 tube amp. Click on photo for video.

Kathy Burch-Simpson and “Three’s Company”  (
The band consist of Kathy Burch-Simpson vocals-keyboards, Scott Ankeney bass & Reb Bilinski drums-band manager. Kathy too has been a staple in the Dayton music scene, performing in nightclubs, festival venues and intimate settings. Kathy has performed at Carvers since September 2016 and delivers a unique vocal styling with popular tunes ranging from Fleetwood Mac, Adele, Carol King, Diana Krall and many other popular artists. Kathy creates a professional & fun setting and her music is geared toward both listening and dancing. Click on photo for video

Carvers Backup Trio with Reb Bilinski (
Reb Bilinski has performed at Carvers since 1999 and serves as drummer and band manager for both Marvin Smith & Kathy Burch-Simpson. Reb also served as drummer for Brian Keith Wallen during his tenure at Carvers. Reb began performing professionally in Dayton, Ohio at the age of fifteen in various musical settings from small groups to big bands. Reb’s musical journey includes extensive road work in the early 70s and has since been a staple in the Dayton music scene. Additional trio members are Jeff Black  on the keyboards and Bill Ely on the bass. Click on photo for video.

The Fries Band (Parking Lot Cookout) (
“The Fries Band” and their trio, “A Side of Fries” has become known as the premier vocal band in the Dayton area. They focus on very tight 3, 4, & 5 part vocal harmonies that are primarily driven by acoustic guitars with keyboard and drums.
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Blues Guitarist Chris Yakopcic (
The Dayton Ohio based guitarist is poised to breakout after his appearance in the finals at the 2015 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, with the release of his second full-length album The Next Place I Leave, October 16, 2015 on his own Yako Records.

DJ Kombat

Nick Baker
Nick Baker performs in the Carvers Lounge the first and third Thursday of the month. Come and enjoy is contemporary styling.
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Brian Keith Wallen (
Singer-Songwriter Brian Keith Wallen is on the road all the time. From coast to coast and beyond, Brian is spreading his blend of blues-influenced acoustic music across the world. His award winning combination of storytelling and lightning licks on guitar will never let you forget his name. In just a few years, Brian has released multiple albums and performed over 1,000 shows in the US, Canada, and Europe. Click on photo for video.

Dustin Vincent (
Dustin Vincent is a singer-songwriter from Columbus Ohio. His sound features stirring upbeat heartland tones, to soulful blues notes, and heart felt reveries with clean, rich vocals, and a mood that is reminiscent of a kinder, gentler time, not so long ago.

Bob Beyert – Sound Mixtures DJ Service (Hi-fi on the fly

Sara Dell  (
Sara Dell’s real life story is remarkable, colored by an astonishing number of unusual, heartbreaking and incredible experiences – all of which she somehow transforms into beautiful, uplifting but sometimes haunting music, telling the stories with a voice that seems to travel straight to the soul.