Carvers Award Winning Wines

All great steak houses serve wine, but Carvers has been consistently recognized by industry and local Dayton experts for serving some of the finest and most diverse wines in the Miami Valley. Regardless of your wine pallet, you can always find just the right wine for your dinner and for any special occasions, family celebrations, and business events. Josh Dotson, Carvers own wine Sommelier, works with the area’s leading distributors and recognized wineries to ensure that we have the right wine for the right occasion – if not, we will get it for you and serve it at your table.

Carvers Award Winning Wine List . . . Click on links below for preferred wine list page


Carvers Wine List Page 1: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot


Carvers Wine List Page 2: Chardonnay and French WhiteWines


Carvers Wine List Page 3: Champagnes, Whites, Blushes and Zinfandal


Carvers Wine List Page 4: Red Wines and Italian Reds


Carvers Wine List Page 5: French and Australian Red Wines


Carvers Wine List Page 6: Cabernet Sauvignon Wines


Carvers Wine List Page 7: Other Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Nior


Carvers Wine List Page 8: Blends, Half Bottles, Large Bottles and Dessert Wines


Basic Wine Guide


Basic Wine Pairing Guide


Carvers Personal Wine Reserve – Coming Soon


If you are a wine connoisseur, be sure to ask you hostess or waiter about the Carvers Personal Wine Reserve that provides a private collection of your favorite wines here in the restaurant so that you can be assured of enjoying your selection whenever you visit the restaurant.

Carvers has consistently been honored by with the Wine Spectator Excellence Award and local wine directories and organizations for its wine selection, the handling of wine and the serving of wine to its guests. Although awards are great, the best recognition comes from our guests that consistently praise the staff for its wine selection and serving.



Half Price Wine Bottle Night
Also on Sunday Evening Carvers features its 1/2 price bottles of wine under $50 selected from its award winning wine collection. This is your chance to grab a quick dinner from our light menu in the restaurant or the $5. Social Hour lounge menu and snag your favorite bottle of wine to take home for half the price.



Carvers Passport to California Wine Country Tour – Coming Soon


Ask Carvers management, your hostess or waiter about joining the Carvers Passport to Wine program and be eligible to win a free trip for to with the annual Carvers California Wine Country Tour. Whether you are a fine wine connoisseur that have been to Napa Valley or Sonoma before or a novice wine drinker that has never been to a renowned winery, this is your chance to visit the heart of wine country with an intimate group of restaurant regulars and some new friends.